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Diagnosis, for our purposes, means to completely understand tissue injuries that cause chronic pain with just a simple though highly- skilled touch.

Students are guided to super-sensitize their hands. The goal is to be able to “see” into each patient’s tendino-muscular tissue with similar clarity to the detail one sees around them with their eyes.

Tom (Dr. Chi), gives demonstrations and explanations of how to achieve this skill as well as directly touching the student’s tissues with most of the focus being students working on him and receiving feedback.

Tom demonstrates his ability to perceive what the student feels and directly guides students to feel with much greater awareness.

Tom and students work on real patients with chronic pain problems as demonstration and practicum. This enables students to develop the exceptionally heightened ability to view injury and correct it that Tom has achieved and which largely accounts for these amazing results.

Treatment Skills

Diagnosis and the super-sensitized hands are essential. However, this must be combined with the ability to change the tissues so that the injury no longer exists and the patient is no longer predisposed to pain or reinjury.

Tom teaches how to approach the tissues including how the hands are used so that the practitioner does not develop fatigue even when performing many extended treatments.

Most hands-on treatments for tissue injuries which we’ve observed over the last 30 years have been unnecessary and brutal hit-or-miss or simply delusional “deep work” which usually results in no lasting pain relief and often damages tissues. Tom shows his unique techniques which allow for typically immediate and lasting freedom from pain conditions.

His is a revolutionary technique as he perceives tissue changes (adhesions) in a way that we don’t think others can. He also reprocesses and reforms the tissues in a manner that all hands-on therapists should be able to do but that we just do not see taking place. His results are virtually unheard of: He consistently eliminates the need for hip and knee replacements. He routinely cures arthritis pain as well as neck and back pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fascitis and more, even after failed surgeries.

Home Study Goals

You will have much to work on after your time training here with us. Your homework assignment is to treat 10 to 20 patients per week. This work may be in conjunction with your professional work if you are already treating patients.

For everyone else, it’s easy too. You recruit friends and acquaintances for treatment with the understanding that you are studying Supertouch Therapy ™ and that they will not need to disrobe nor will you be using oil or giving a whole body massage.

You will be deepening your understanding of the techniques and practicing their application. Your abilities may develop slowly at first however they will snowball over time. Some will learn faster and some slower, however, being steadfast, at ease and joyful will make it a pleasant and fruitful experience.

You will be developing a skill for life. Dr. Chi has performed over 100,000 treatments and has seen thousands of people leave their crutches, neck braces, surgeries and wheelchairs behind!

At times you may wish to privately share video of you and your technique for critique. Questions will be answered by email.

Then in three months you’ll return for your next installment. This work gives people their lives back!