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Logistics of Your Visit


Our facility is located in the Catskill Mountains of New York just 2 hours west and a bit north of New York City.

Many patients and students fly in for treatment and/or training from around the country and various places around the world.

Newark, LaGuardia and JFK airports all service the region; our favorite is a small airport just one hour away called Stewart-Newburgh which feels as cozy as ones own living room if you can manage to easily fly in there.

Buses from NYC are available and leave you off just ten minutes from us. Private car service is also available. It’s usually nicest to rent a car for ease and mobility. We have plenty of parking available.

We have a 7000 sq ft facility with high ceilings on 10 acres in the foothills of the Catskills just 10 minutes from Monticello New York where restaurants, groceries*, etc., can be found.

Nearby Accommodations

The Sullivan – Rock Hill, NY
Best Western – Monticello, NY

Timing of Visits

We will accomodate you as best we can to make your timing easeful.

Student Ratios

It’s a rare opportunity to be able to train Supertouch Therapy as this training has only recently become available to the public. We offer one-on-one instruction, patient treatment observation and group classes (limited to ten students or less). Each of whom has time to evaluate and advance their techniques. And all have a lot to work with when they return home to practice, further develop, and hone their skills.

Learning time will be spent with Tom Chi a/k/a The Pain Whisperer and/or Jared Freeland, Director of The Pain Therapy Institute Supertouch Training Program.

*Cooking facilities at the training area are not available for student use.