Oprah on Tom Chi

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Supertouch Therapy in the Spotlight

You may know that Oprah Winfrey is a sweetheart and an inspiration.
She is just as great off-camera.
After treating her and Stedman she kindly invited me to Chicago.
I haven’t made it there yet.
I did see them both on an airplane to New York the next day.
She said, “Stedman and I have been talking. We think you’re fabulous”.
Stedman said “Fabulous”.
Oprah reiterated: “Fabulous”.
I blushed. “You must know my mother,” I said.
I look forward to meeting her again!
Tom Chi has changed lives and ended pain in over 80,000 treatments, including:
  Designer Donna Karen
     Director Joel Schumacher
     Over 100 medical Doctors
       U.S. Ambassadors and
       Members of Congress

As featured on NPR, The Doctors, and other nationally-broadcasted television shows.