Student Registration

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Application to Become a Student

  • Personal Information

  • We don't get many emergencies however you must include this info just in case. Name: Relationship: Phone(s): Complete Address: Do not omit any of this information.
  • We want to get to know you better. Please make sure to email us a photo or two where we can clearly see your face! We will be quite pleased with all shapes, colors, sizes, religions, orientations, etc.
  • Education Background

  • Please list any college or post-graduate education and any healthcare specialties. Please check your States licensure requirements to ensure you will be in compliance with State laws when providing treatment. Though graduates become cerified Supertouch Therapy Pain Specialists, the training hours we provide will not count toward State license requirements.
  • Please note: To be a paid professional providing this treatment usually requires a massage, nursing (with massage certification) or other degree. States such as California or Nevada and others may only require you to obtain a business license so no other training, license or certification would be necessary there for you to practice professionally.
  • Employment History

  • Criminal History

  • If you answered yes to the question above please accurately and completely describe the charges that were brought against you and whether you were found guilty or not guilty. When did this occur and are you now or were you currently on probation or parole? Failure to honestly and clearly answer these questions will automatically result in denial of your application as a student.
  • Deposit

  • We will process your application within 7 days upon receipt of this completed form and your application fee. The application fee for Supertouch Therapy training is a $1,500 non-refundable deposit toward your tuition. The remaining balance of your tuition will be due within 2 weeks of your submitted application. Total tuition for training is $8500.

    Please do not apply unless you understand this policy and are very serious about training and providing care; your deposit will be refunded only if, for any reason, you are not accepted as a student.
  • Policies and Conditions

  • Please review and agree to the Tuition Policy and Terms and Conditions below.

    Supertouch Therapy Tuition Policy
    Supertouch Therapy Terms and Conditions