Tuition Policy

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Fees and Tuition Policy

From Application to Mastery

It starts with the application process. Then you must be accepted for study. The main criteria are:

1. The desire to Master the ability to cure pain with lasting results.
2. The physical capability to work physically with patients.
3. The steadfastness and patience to practice and learn.
4. A commitment to treat patients and cure them as a primary career.

Supertouch Therapy is not meant to be learned casually or to be a weekend seminar; instead you should strive to master the therapy.

Supertouch is a complete cure for most chronic pain and does not need to be piggybacked with other therapies. You may like to do strengthening and stretching, adjustments etc. All these things are healthy. It is important, though, to realize that Supertouch alone will provide immediate and lasting results in most cases and it is not an interdisciplinary treatment. Why not? Because many treatments take years and don’t provide these results.

We want the public to be clear that Supertouch, as a stand-alone, does the job and that much of the healthcare system is using resources that can be streamlined and recuperated with Supertouch Therapy.

Tuition Amount

The tuition is meant to be reasonable for committed students.

Tuition is $8500 and covers immersion weekends as well as mentoring visits which are scheduled based on availability and designed to occur over a period of one year. We can accomodate most schedules. Please note that it is acceptable to take longer than a year to complete your training however your focused and disciplined efforts are important so that you can absorb these techniques and refine them to the point of routinely curing pain; people need this! Remember we are here to turn out competent practitioners with amazing results!

Your deposit of $1,500 is due with your application.
The balance of tuition for the year should by paid by by check within 2 weeks of acceptance as a student. Please note we are seeking motivated students who will cure pain for many patients over many years. Please only send a deposit if you are passionate about this and dedicated to making it happen.

Deposits are non-refundable unless we are unable to accept you as a student.

This is a rare learning opportunity! Join us in creating a Medical Revolution!

Apply to become a student >>

Please make checks out to Dr. Tom Chi
Our mailing address is:
The Pain Therapy Institute
Dr. Tom Chi
PO Box 757 (63 Grey Road for UPS/FedEx)
S. Fallsburg, NY 12779