You and Supertouch

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You and Supertouch

Your Background

The best students are compassionate, hard-working, determined, and at ease. Anxiety doesn’t help one learn or practice this therapy. Once you master these techniques you will become like a Master Mechanic who easily diagnoses the problem and simply ends it. Period.

Because the super-sensitization and treatment skills that we practice are unique it is not necessary that you currently work in or are trained in healthcare.

There will be muscle and anatomy charts available for reference at class. We have seen many therapists that possess intimate intellectual knowledge of human anatomy and yet have neither the capability to feel the detail nor the technique necessary to cure injury even if they are naturally very talented.

Training and Licensure

Tom trained for many years with the kung fu esoteric hand-sensitization exercises to create this breakthrough treatment however we have seen that with his guidance students can learn how to cure pain with much less effort!

You may already be a hands-on professional: a nurse, chiropractor, PT, massage therapist or acupuncturist, licensed to treat patients as a practitioner, and thereby able to charge for your excellent services. However, in states like California and Nevada, currently no specific schooling is required to do “massage”.

Florida offers an apprenticeship program for massage therapy licensure. Otherwise it should be easy enough to coast through a massage school if you have no other formal healthcare schooling and need licensure.

Your Practice and Income

First remember that our main motivation is to cure people’s pain even after years of therapy and failed surgeries. Fast, lasting results. Unheard of! And yet we (and now you) do it every day. You can be proud to serve others with your efforts in learning Supertouch Therapy.

Typically you will be seeing patients with many different types of pain, however virtually all are completely curable, usually right on the spot. But you’ll take it in stride and be grateful for the opportunity to offer yourself in service.

With that said, a typical treatment lasting one hour would be $100-200 when you are specializing in the treatment of chronic pain and word gets around about your amazing results. You may find patients that require several hours of treatment at a time for multiple conditions, particularly if they had to travel a distance to see you. You will decide how many treatments you can comfortably do over the course of each week.

In a large metropolitan area you could certainly double that fee after your results are known, though the lower amount is no doubt substantial. If you are comfortable doing 20 hours per week that may be perfect for you. These are realistic and conservative numbers. In our practice we’ve done a tremendous amount of treatment for those with little resources, charging them little or nothing. This is a good thing, though it is also good to create income to pay yourself for expenses, insurance, and to see to your future.

Remember this, it’s fine to charge for your work as long as the results are exceptional and you cure tremendously painful conditions, and as long as you remain more interested in being the cure and being grateful for the opportunity to do the work, and much less interested in the finances. It doesn’t hurt that you can take good care of yourself and your family by being highly successful and doing great work!


Mastering the technique is paramount as we don’t want people suffering and we don’t want to charge for anything less than spectacular results! This also means that your clientele will be constantly changing as you will CURE them. If you have worked as a physical therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc., treating pain without Supertouch Therapy, you may be used to seeing the same patients for a year, two, or even several years. Not any longer.

This is of course predicated on you becoming a Master Supertouch Therapist. Why not, it’s up to you!