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With a “Snap of the Fingers” Most Pain is Gone Forever!

When I was in my early twenties and training kung fu exercises 10 hours per day I injured my back.

After a year of pain (I kept the training up for over five years then continued with other kung fu!) a therapist went in through my abdomen and worked on my iliopsoas muscles on the inner spine.

The effect was…he fixed my back in two treatments. I said, “Please teach me everything you know.” I practiced the work tirelessly. At a point I began treating professionally. I believed then and now prove every day that pain is mechanical and can simply be fixed. However, the results were not spectacular enough. I wanted IMMEDIATE, TANGIBLE, LASTING results for difficult and chronic pain even when surgery and other therapies failed!

I began to use esoteric hand-sensitization exercises, from the intensive kung fu training I continued to practice, and I focused it into my perception of the soft-tissues.

Now when I worked in the tissue I closed my eyes and began to experience waves of color and “sound”; It seemed like an otherworldly symphony when I touched the tissues. I had “cameras” on my fingertips and could “see” the adhesions in soft-tissue with dynamic clarity like an exploded 3D visualization.

At first, I couldn’t talk and would almost fall over as I was deep in meditation while I worked. I found I could also feel the pain that the patient experienced. More than simply thinking “Wow, this must hurt,” I could actually FEEL the pain that the patient experienced. With great detail I could describe exactly what the pain felt like and whether it radiated, felt like an inflated balloon, etc. Note: Though I am able to feel the pain, it does not hurt me. There are other powerful experiences that can occur that won’t be covered here.

At this point I could talk, joke, etc., and was back to being a regular guy but with enhanced abilities. Now when I work, I can feel with great detail the adhesions causing the pain and I am able to correct, reprocess and reform the tissue to completely remove the injuries. They are immediately, or almost immediately, completely eliminated so that the injury no longer exists and therefore the tissue is not predisposed to reinjury or pain.

At present, I can accomplish in five minutes of treatment what used to take me an hour or more. Most therapists can feel tightness. Some think if it hurts, it helps. Rubbing damaged tissue does not yield a result. Neither does simply making it hurt.

Nik’s Pain is Cured! Plus Tom Explains How He Fixes Injuries So That They No Longer Exist.

Results come from being able to feel every detail of the injury and completely reprocessing it so that the injury no longer exists. No question. Instant, lasting results. This is generally unheard of. We prove our results every day in the clinic and are happy to reprove them for media or educational presentations. This incredible sensitization coupled with the alignment and body dynamics of the kung fu training are the key. The body dynamics and techniques (complete subjects unto themselves) will be covered in my forthcoming book Arthritis is a Ridiculous Diagnosis: Supertouch Soft-Tissue Reprocessing Fixes Pain.

This is a breakthrough therapy with miraculous and generally unheard-of results, speed and reliability. What’s it good for? Most pain conditions. Neck, back, carpal tunnel, torticolis, Morton’s Neuroma, repetitive stress injuries, sciatica, NO KNEE OR HIP REPLACEMENTS ARE NEEDED.

For many, this is a last hope after years of therapy and failed surgeries. Supertouch STR makes ALL the difference.