Training Philosophy

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Our Training Philosophy

The Cause of Most Pain

Muscles essentially fold one cell onto another like an accordian to make a contraction. Of course the muscles must do this thousands of time each day. We don’t walk or move otherwise. Due to trauma, repetitive stress, or perhaps because we don’t stretch enough, sometimes the cells become glued together by interstitial fluid and the muscles and soft tissues no longer function correctly. This is usually very painful.

The muscles move and control the bones. This also means that ruptured or compressed discs are controlled, and caused, by muscle tightness. When we eliminate cell adhesions the pain is gone and stays gone. Period.

Why Do Other Therapies Fail?

How can it be that we have endless therapists and yet almost no effective results? Here is an attempt to explain shortcomings in therapeutic philosophy to better understand why we get amazing results with Supertouch Therapy and yet other therapies usually do not!

Physical Therapy:
This is the “go-to” therapy for medical doctors. Most PT is based on exercising muscle to make it stronger and on stretching muscles. However, these injuries are “broken” tissue and only weak because of the adhesions/injuries. Attempting to use them to lift weights is counterproductive. Many people go for years of PT with little or no improvement even though Physical Therapists really want to help.

Stretching is great but doesn’t cure pain because the adhesion MUST be reformed and made into normal tissue.
If you’ve ever made bread dough, you know that the only way to get the lumps to rejoin the “normal” dough is to work them with your hands; you can’t stretch out the lumps. We have the skill to do it and shockingly these skills are not taught in physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture or even massage schools. If the hands are used in these therapies it’s generally inadequate and uninformed, even when the practitioner is otherwise highly skilled and quite talented.

Because the bones are controlled by the muscles and most pain is caused by muscular adhesions the chirpractor can only hope that by adjusting the spine the muscles will quiet down and allow “healing” to occur. However even in the instances when this occurs the injury is simply “sleeping” and not actively pulling the bones out of alignment. To cure the injury one must eliminate the adhesions so that they no longer exist! Chiropractic can do wonders but often falls short like most therapies as the adhesions must be made into normal tissue.

Acupuncture is also indicated for the treatment of pain however it shares a shortcoming with PT, chiropractic and normal massage in that the tissue adhesions have lost their ability to “hear” the commands of a corrected spine or of the normally effective acupuncture needles. So to eliminate pain what must we do? Eliminate muscle adhesions so that they no longer exist!

Certainly every massage therapist should be able to do these “miracles” yet it just isn’t so. That’s because they have not super-sensitized their hands as this training has not been available.

As my first kung fu teacher was fond of saying, “A miss is as good as a mile.” Supertouch Therapy is the answer to our epidemic of pain and suffering. We CURE pain fast! Period!