Training Schedule

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Training Schedule


Mentoring at the Pain Therapy Institute is ongoing, with new students creating custom schedules that allow for the flexibility they need. The date, time, and length of each visit is at our discretion though we will accommodate you as best as possible to make your travel and studies easeful. Contact us to set up a schedule for you.

The mentoring program is designed to occur over a period of one year though many students will continue with mentoring and continue to learn beyond that time. Mastery and therefore increasingly better and faster results takes time and effort including homework of treating many patients and then returning to fine-tune your abilities.

Mentoring visits are still available for 2015.


We host groups of students as well as one-on-one training depending on everyone’s best available times with Immersion weekends held as needed. If your schedule allows, the immersion weekends will load you up on insight and techniques that you can apply and practice at home. Tom and top instructors will demonstrate, inform and inspire at both mentoring and immersion events.


This instruction is designed to awaken and develop skills that you will hone at home on many patients. The program is based on one year of mentoring/immersion. Some may wish to add training time or return for private mentoring to continue to fine-tune their skills.

Students who fly in usually stay between 3 and 6 days. The time is spent observing treatment and instruction depending on students best interests and practicing hand-sensitivity and application skills. Students within driving distance may vary schedules with more flexibility. We see real patients with chronic pain each day in the clinics.

This is a rare learning opportunity! Join us in creating a Medical Revolution!